Hi!  I'm Sarah.  Call me Coach.

Complete this sentence: 
If I was the boldest version of myself in my professional life, I would ________________________. 

I support professionals like you in successfully navigating career transitions - be it career switching, jumping companies, leaping from corporate to entrepreneurship, or progressing your career within your current organization.   

My coaching philosophy centers on the perspective that we bring our whole selves to everything we do - whether we like it or not! Only through strengthening and unifying each aspect of our life, learning to work with (not against) our fears, and fully stepping into our authentic self, are we truly able to do our best work. 

In my practice, I seamlessly unite my years of traditional business experience with my passion for yoga, meditation, personal growth, and leadership to bring a strategic, holistic, and heart-centered approach to the field of coaching. I will guide you through the journey of stepping into your unique potential and signature leadership style using Transformational Coaching Methods and the Strategic Intervention techniques of Tony Robbins with a strong eye to creating a work-life that integrates with your personal mission and ideal lifestyle.

If you are ready to explore what the boldest version of yourself would create in your life and in your work, I invite you to take advantage of a complimentary coaching experience with me. Book your session today here.

Are you an employer? I create custom coaching programs for high-potential employees within corporations, small businesses, and startups. These programs are co-created and co-funded by employer and employee to enable meaningful transformation and mutually beneficial outcomes. To learn more, please email me at hello@sarahanassori.com.