Fully claiming our worth is the missing link in closing the women's leadership gap.

If you haven't heard of Christine Baird and The Worthfull Project you are missing out on something pretty special!  Listen in on our winding conversation about my journey to claiming my own worth and some straightforward tools on how you can do the same.  Our hope is that this podcast episode will help you not just know, but have an experience of embracing totally capable, totally powerful, totally worthy self.   

Is our desire for confidence getting in the way?

For years I wished I could just feel more confident at and in my work. That ship 🚢 never came. After spending the last two years working with some pretty badass professionals, it has become crystal clear that we’ve been chasing after the wrong carrot. Read my latest article for The Fullest Magazie for a reframe on professional confidence to move us from disingenuous bravado to heart-centered intention.

Finding Love in the Job You Hate

Sometimes we have to go upside-down to see things clearly.  Check out my latest article for The Fullest Magazine!


Are we missing the potential to grow in our existing workplaces or build transferable skills because we’re too busy waiting for our dream career to arrive? These three techniques will make you re-evaluate your attitude and wave goodbye to Mondayitis.

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