Hear from a few of my clients:



Leslie, Therapist & Business Owner

Sarah's coaching was a complete eye opener for me to break through the barriers that have been holding me back in my business. Sarah offers a warm, gentle, and safe space for you to grow and explore. Her energy is magnetic and creates this amazing vibe to feed off of throughout the program. Sarah's coaching was completely invaluable to me and surpassed any expectations I had going into the experience. If you're someone on the brink of change who needs a little help and feels like even a piece of you is drawn to coaching, do it! You will not regret developing, defining, and stepping into your someday with Sarah!

David, Senior Client Services Associate 

I encountered Sarah’s coaching at a very pivotable time in my professional and personal life. Everything that she discussed resonated with my own thoughts and personal reflections. I dove right in and began working with Sarah as my coach in the Summer of 2016. Since that time, she has helped me transform me from a very defensive state of mind into a much more positive and open human being. Through our 1-on-1 sessions, homework assignments, and meditation/breathing techniques, I've soaked it all in! There are so many breakthroughs I wouldn't have encountered if it wasn't for her coaching. As a result, I feel like I am a much better version of myself to tackle the life goals that I have set forth ahead of me and in the continued journey that we call - life. 

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Lorraine, Senior Brand Manager

I participated in Sarah's group coaching program earlier this year, and would highly recommend working with Sarah. After going through a lot of personal & professional changes in the past 2 years I wanted to get back in touch with myself and needed a place to start. The program provided that structured support and is now the foundation for all of my personal development work. She provided critical exercises, frameworks, and vocabulary to take me from where I am today, to where I want to be in the future. I know my journey of personal and professional development will be ongoing, but I'm confident that I now have the tools, inspiration and support through Sarah to never get stuck again.