I support individuals, organizations, associations, causes, and brands through 1:1 coaching, group coaching, workshops, coach in residence contracting, speaking engagements, guest v/blogging, and partnerships.

I'm dedicated to living in my personal BIG YES space (try it on for size - it feels great!).  If our values align and all parties involved are a BIG YES to co-creating, let's engage through one of my signature programs or custom create something extraordinary to meet your unique needs.

Signature Offerings

Virtual Private Coaching

I work one-on-one with clients for a four month period to support them through career transitions.  Transitions often look like reevaluating a career path, evaluating continuing education, shifting from corporate to entrepreneurship, transitioning back into work from maternity or paternity leave, changing companies/functions/levels, beginning a "side hustle"/making a "side hustle" full-time work. 

During a coaching journey we will explore not just the actual work you are stepping into, but also craft a new way of working that supports creating a full life you love to live inside. 

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Group Coaching

Behind every successful person is a group of other successful people who have their back.  I believe conscious community is an essential part of making a personal and/or professional leap effective and enjoyable!  I host group coaching experiences on an ad hoc basis.  Register for my mailing list here so you are among the first to hear about upcoming programs. 

Check out my bi-annual group coaching program, Stepping into Someday, for a glimpse at the fun we have in a group format. 

Coach in Residence

Ready to provide one of the most leading edge employee benefits with incredible impact on employee engagement, impact, and loyalty?  I contract with companies whose mission, products/services, and business practices I can get behind and whose employees I can love.  I provide a safe space for employees to receive ongoing support and coaching around topics and skill-set gaps they may not be comfortable disclosing to their employer directly.  Your workforce is smart, capable, and driven.  They are also really hard on themselves and not great at managing their stress.  There is incredible creativity and energy waiting to be accessed underneath the fear and burnout.  Contact me using the form below or at hello@sarahanassori.com to discuss how I can support the people in your care so they can thrive in your organization (for the long-term). 

Speaking & Workshops

I work with companies, educational institutions, women's groups, and community organizations all over the country.  I'm a great gabber, but that's not enough. My goal is to spark inspria(c)tion - inspired action.  I speak and lead workshops on the following topics: 

  • The Power of Mindfulness in the Workplace
  • The One Question that Reveals the Answer to Any Career Decision 
  • How to Get Anything You Want: Unleashing Desire to Extinguish Your Fears 
  • Uncover Your Personal Mission (So You Never Have to Work a Day in Your Life)
  • Reconnecting with Your Inner Child to Unlock Your Purpose 
  • Failing Forward: Reframing Your Stories of Failure to Springboard You to Success
  • Beyond Leaning In: How Feminine Leadership Will Transform How We Work 
  • Turn Your Goals to Gold: Creating Goals that Actually Inspire Action 


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