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Slow down with Career & Leadership Coaches Sarah Anassori & Kristina Dopson for a FREE virtual workshop. We will guide you through a process that will get you dreaming big again and inspire you to take powerful (and practical) action to shift the trajectory of your life and work.  

Join us Thursday 3/14 6PM PST / 9PM EST via videoconference.

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Sarah Anassori

Career Coach & Founder of the Stepping into Someday Women's Leadership Program

Sarah is on a mission to guide the next generation of heart-centered leaders to step into the work they were made for. She believes that by strengthening and unifying each aspect of our life, learning to work with (not against) our fears, and fully stepping into our authentic self, we become empowered to do our best work. Sarah has coached mid to senior level leaders from world renowned organizations including Disney, The Wonderful Company, Johnson & Johnson, Oracle, MillerCoors, and MoveOn.org, to create a work-life that integrates with their personal mission and ideal lifestyle. Her strategic, holistic, and soulful approach blends insights from her own personal and career transformation journey, work as a certified yoga instructor and meditation teacher, Strategic Intervention coaching training through the world renowned Robbins-Madanes Center, and skill in strategic planning from her previous life as a Brand Manager for a Fortune 50 company.


Kristina Dopson

Coach & Stepping into Someday Lead Facilitator

Kristina knows from personal experience what it's like to get lost in the professional hustle. She worked in a fast-paced, innovation heavy, demanding corporate environment followed by a tech startup that didn't sleep. After 10 years, she found herself burnt out, exhausted, and not knowing who she was without her job. To the rest of the world, she was wildly successful, but on the inside, she was running on empty. Through hiring a coach herself, she was able to reconnect to her identity, energy and passion for leadership development and experiential learning. She's now on a mission to help others do the same by creating incredible experiences and spaces for self-exploration and personal/professional growth. Her insightful, supportive, and strategic coaching will help you get clear on what you want, create a focused plan to get you there, and get you moving toward your goals, faster.